Friday, 29 April 2011

exciting new project

after a successful business meeting on Thursday we are now looking into converting a large house into two holiday lets. the coming weeks will see us looking at all the works required to allow the client to decide if its feasible for her
this will also generate a management job/cleaner for the properties, a website being built and local trade so its very exciting

work coming up in the next week!

we have a wall to start (claunch), the bathroom to finalise now painting has been completed, trellis to add to a fence to deter would be oil thief's.

Wednesday, 27 April 2011

installing concrete posts and panels

one of the benefits of concrete posts over wooden ones is the ability to change the panels at any time, so you can meet your budget and start with larch lap (usually the cheapest) then move onto something more elaborate at any time.
also the posts never rot!!!! they do look out of place with the wrong panels so choose wisely!

i would always use a concrete gravel board as it stops the panel rotting and provides a solid base
you will find that most panels need to have wedges put at the ends or the back of the panel or they will rattle in the wind
you can lift them out and paint them at any time also
make sure you put at least 450mm of post into the ground and pack out with rubble and then use two bags of post create. its dearer in the short term but sets in 10 minutes and saves so much time so it actually works out cheaper.the bags say "one bag per post", that's up to you but usually the wind will loosen your posts so use two
these are just a few tips for you any other questions send them and i will try to answer them for you

new day just coming to a close

finished the fencing job today which looks great (look on twitter) and had a whole room including ceiling plastered ready for skirting and decoration next week
paperwork tomorrow so nothing new to show or report unless visiting new clients tomorrow unveils new work???
keep reading to find out

Tuesday, 26 April 2011

new day

great day back at work
started on a fencing job which owner changed halfway through, but hey its tuesday they can do that.
all good for finishing tomorrow and being paid yippeeeeeeeeee
another short week with more relaxation and time with the family
what can be better?

Friday, 22 April 2011

look on our twitter posts

for the pictures taken today

pictures of hand rail and path steps

dont go away

the religious sisters

this little job of fitting a hand rail and painting the front edge of the path went well!
then all down hill on the way to the next job a major accident so no access (hope the people were ok)
so onto a visit to a potential client, this went well as owns a beetle and a camper. off home to ther plasterer doing my house. no van , house unlocked| lovely mkm had not delivered the plaster as promised so he went home. house in a tip from preperation and one bags worth of plastering. from a 1030 delivery to 1330 actual delivery. loads of excuses and lies which did not help the day. but the pre school got there unit water tight as i went and finished the job and eventually got home at 1930. all tired out and ready for a well deserved snooze on the couch.

good morning

today is the start of a supposed holiday ! well we have the joy of working for the first time ever on a bank holiday.
walls and ceiling to plaster
hand rail to install for some sisters at their cottage and paint steps so people can see the edge
mend the roof of a pre school and then home for tea and the start of our holiday