Wednesday, 27 April 2011

installing concrete posts and panels

one of the benefits of concrete posts over wooden ones is the ability to change the panels at any time, so you can meet your budget and start with larch lap (usually the cheapest) then move onto something more elaborate at any time.
also the posts never rot!!!! they do look out of place with the wrong panels so choose wisely!

i would always use a concrete gravel board as it stops the panel rotting and provides a solid base
you will find that most panels need to have wedges put at the ends or the back of the panel or they will rattle in the wind
you can lift them out and paint them at any time also
make sure you put at least 450mm of post into the ground and pack out with rubble and then use two bags of post create. its dearer in the short term but sets in 10 minutes and saves so much time so it actually works out cheaper.the bags say "one bag per post", that's up to you but usually the wind will loosen your posts so use two
these are just a few tips for you any other questions send them and i will try to answer them for you