Friday, 22 April 2011

the religious sisters

this little job of fitting a hand rail and painting the front edge of the path went well!
then all down hill on the way to the next job a major accident so no access (hope the people were ok)
so onto a visit to a potential client, this went well as owns a beetle and a camper. off home to ther plasterer doing my house. no van , house unlocked| lovely mkm had not delivered the plaster as promised so he went home. house in a tip from preperation and one bags worth of plastering. from a 1030 delivery to 1330 actual delivery. loads of excuses and lies which did not help the day. but the pre school got there unit water tight as i went and finished the job and eventually got home at 1930. all tired out and ready for a well deserved snooze on the couch.