Saturday, 21 May 2011

DELL what a service!

After having the laptop go for swimming lessons and leaving us in a muddle, we contacted several well known local computer companies who told us to bin the laptop and start again!? Even the Halifax insurance company were as useful as a chocolate tea pot.
So on the recomedation of "Cliford Kendle" IT manager we contacted DELL. What a surprise that was, they could not be more helpful and even tried to fix it over the phone. Swim shorts in the bin there was no way the laptop was doing the breast stroke again! So via courier the laptop went off for a vacation (up to 10 days we were told) this was the thursday and with the weekend over i expected the full 10 days to elapse with tales of wo. Not true, the laptop was back in my possesion for the wednesday in full working condition minus its speedos and hat! Thats great service for "FREE"!