Saturday, 28 May 2011

end of the week

Its Friday and what could go wrong? Nothing, just set backs! 1 the toilet would not go back to the wall as the soil hole was at a 45 degree angle and too far off the wall so the cistern had to be battened off the wall. the pipework had to all be connected so the toilet was usable.  The whole heating system had to be purged ready to work if the weather stayed poorly. Why? because we are on annual shut down next week,yippeeee well trying to be! The toilet installed and working with soft closure seat, tiles grouted, pipework sorted for new rad (new valves etc), unit cut to suit pipes, tools thrown out of room as getting in the way ooops forgot owners in the house (joking). Cut and installed window sill, so all in all a good days work. Now where's my holiday pay?