Wednesday, 4 May 2011

On going project for the summer

This is the on-going pathway that I am fitting in between jobs. The corners and cuts are yet to finish. The pathway has a 25mm water pipe running underneath it which will feed a tap and the pond which will eventually be installed (an old bath from a job) We do try to recycle everything that’s possible. Included into this project will be a 4ft slate drilled monolith which will feed the water fall and the pond. At least two large rockeries constructed from green slate lumps. An opening into the garden, between two large oak posts shaped like elephant tusks. Various plants.  Various sized yucca trees planted through the liner which will be covered in green slate chippings. Very exciting project!!!! Follow it!
before to the gate

bella after digging the pathway

bella after chewing the concrete up

is this deep enough? can i go home now?

down to the gate

down to the gate 2

Round the side with a dog leg

round the side