Tuesday, 28 June 2011

The greenhouse leaks and builders bums!

Straight back at the tail end of work with the rain lashing down we found a couple of leaks in the greenhouse where the seals werent as good as we had hoped. But tiny snags and easily sorted when the rain stops. Not like the ones that are nothing to do with us! Water coming in through the old dry wooden frames themselves and the windows in the roof where there are no cappings.
So all in all a great result from this custom greenhouse!
The flint in the wall started to come out today ready for the window to go in but the rain stops play.
Custom door and window partition is going well and into the wood workshop to machine the timbers. Pictures will be tomorrow as lots to do tonight.
New to the site in the next few days "Builders Bums", whats it all about? you will have to wait and see