Tuesday, 14 June 2011

long day but we got there in the end

With the heat of the day over 75 and the wind non existent the neighbours washing took a bit of a hammering (we warned them yesterday) as the fires burned all day. Well with no access to get a chipper and lorry in we had no choice but to burn the discarded garden. For every layer of ivy we took up another layer of branches were uncovered. All of us ended up with eyes streaming from the smoke, stinging nettle reminders all over us and the occasional thorn. Then there were the two cuts to my head where i walked into the metal pole across the garden on two separate occasions.
The neighbours must of loved the garden in some ways as they dumped enough of their own rubbish over the fence. Apart from the nosy neighbours we were greeted with joyous thanks from the others. Treasures were found! an old lunch box still with food in it, Frisbee, pen set, rusty nails and a wheel barrow.

So  the garden is cleared and our part is complete for the time being.