Monday, 13 June 2011

rock and roll !

Today we were rained off for the first part of the day so could not finish the car port which had taken a knock from the thunder storm, much to my dismay! We did however look at the leaks for the clients and found lots of ripped and deteriorated felt oh! and lack of works that the other builders should of completed ie fire barriers and repairs to the valley to prevent flooding. Such a big company which undertook the works that were not completed too. So another estimate to do tonight along with lead work to a chimney, fencing and fascias, front driveway  shingled and all before bed!
We did get to deliver materials to the greenhouse job we start Wednesday.
Also have some ridge to put on a roof that are loose and price for a pergola. So busy busy which is great as it pays the bills (so they say)
On a livelier note if you like Rock and Roll then these Norfolk lads bring a little life to the party! The Stray cats of Norfolk! mojokings