Friday, 10 June 2011

The rustic lean too thats leaning too much

 This is the leaking leaning lean too! On under taking the works it seemed a simple enough job until the lack of secondhand tiles which were supposed to be available to restore the works back some sort of glory. The offer from a neighbour was withdrawn so left us 60 short. The timbers were double braced, screwed  and bolted instead of 100 mm nails. It took me impersonating a monkey so must be safe. With the end nigh for the cloakroom and the lean too we all had smiles like a M and M man but then the heavens opened up (not to take us) and preceded to deposit the last two months of rain onto us. Well the other two i was still fitting the radiator. So all but a few ridge left and the tidying up is left to do, what a shame! Finished pictures monday!