Monday, 20 June 2011

The start of the greenhouse

After finishing the lean to and cloakroom we started on this custom built greenhouse using the materials supplied by the client. Fun from the start and lots of cursing at each other as levels of existing block work rose from one side to an extra 15mm and 50mm on the upright back wall. Well that got things off to a great start and the sides flew up! Then window frames were up and down the roof would not work as i had hoped and all in all Alice was nowhere to be seen. So not unlike any building site the  jovial banter about the situation went on between us and with the rain helping us along allowed everything to go swimmingly. Well with the amount of creosote used on the wood the wood will never rot.

So after a weekend of pure rest today saw the roof being tweaked and a smile emerged on the ladies face. Working in the heat of the sun today was one thing but, working in the greenhouse itself proved a task itself.