Sunday, 12 June 2011

swiftly to the rescue

Working on any restoration project throws all sorts of new challenges your way but this one was a first. Bats in the loft was great to see so many rare indigenous species in one place. Then unearthing a migrating visitors nest whilst removing the roof tiles was another unpleasant surprise. Not many people like to disturb wildlife and we take the task of respecting nature very highly so when a nest was uncovered half way through the job it was a sad sight, but when in the next ten minutes we found a further two it then became a dilemma what to do as the tiles were off the roof was collapsing and we had three nests to contend with. With little options available the only available solution was to rush the eggs to the local RSPCA, who greeted the arrival with a smile and restored some moral back to the team. It has been a strange few days since the tile removal as the parents continued to look for the nests and fly almost at us in temper. The good news is the roof is complete and with the set back of the thunder storm the swifts will now be able to re nest in their old haunt!