Friday, 3 June 2011

what a day! nosy neighbours

Well on holiday and thought doing a little garden job with the children (so they could earn some pocket money) would fill a couple of days! I should of known better!!!!
Turn up and within two minutes two neighbours are telling what's what and what i should and should not be doing. Lead balloon! Yes went down like one! Not the best thing to start a job off, so i started sorting things out and taking down some of the trees as per the email instructions but oh no.the neighbours like the trees! Who am i working for? the neighbours or the lady I organised works with? so after a conversation I carried on and low and behold the wife comes out, that's it not here for getting nosy neighbours telling what to do so we packed up our tools and came home. Unbelievable that I have the emails to point out my works and the neighbours still interfere in some ones else's garden! There is a line and today it was crossed with all the P's and Q's i really don't work for S1 to be told by four different people so many ways to do one job. Its not easy being a builder and today I feel that a TV program should be made to highlight what the genuine builders have to put up with! Onwards with the holiday!