Sunday, 12 June 2011

wooly mammoth ? no its the roof

Sat on the roof looking down whilst taking in the sun! Well whilst de mossing (not a word) the roof so the valleys could be kept clear. this was thursday! friday it thundered and in the last hour of work as packing up too. the car port never got finished and the old property showed all its weaknesses as rain trickled in through any crevice it could. Felt really sorry for the owners as i left them running round with towels. Then today
receive an email that the works completed by another builder had breached in next doors valley that they share and water had poured into the loft space, through the insulation and into the room via the light fitting. So its into the loft tomorrow to see what we can do and if its fine finish the car port ridge. We also replaced about 30 tiles on the roof that had perished over the years. Slight discolouration but in a few years no one will be the wiser!