Tuesday, 26 July 2011

The flint for the great wall of syderstone

 Its been a rubbish week so far with the weather and moral was at a low today as the drizzle soaked us and the mortar. Wet and dejected I gave up with only an hour to go leaving the others to finish the last bit of mortar left. The flint is taking its time to lay as usual as the design is "garden wall" and the flint incorporated in to the design is so irregular its difficult to seat it onto each other piece. We did have a few problems getting the flint so it matched the surrounding walls and houses due to one pit not having any and another we use struggling to keep up with demands. So with two loads delivered to site we set about the task of moving it ready to lay. The piers will be completed tomorrow and the block work will then follow ready for a helping hand laying the flint. We are looking at putting tiles onto the pillars and top of the wall as with the post office wall we did. No wonder the cavemen used the flint for tools as its razor sharp and luckily only our gloves have been sliced open to date (lets keep it that way). The left over shards of flint are totally useless as being so sharp they cannot be mixed for concrete as when the top surface wears the flint then shreds your tyres. The site will look like a caveman's tool making shop in years to come when an owner digs the garden. Check out the lines on the wall as there are three of them to keep the wall straight and on the piers the level work is horrendous, this wall is substantial to say the least and maybe wont be seen from space but is going to look great when finsihed.