Tuesday, 26 July 2011

news for this week!

Its been a busy week so far with the weather, getting used to being back after the biggest bug jam ever! The event was so cool and I realised why i love air-cooled VW's so much. Seeing beetles go down the strip and beating production cars is such a grin factor.
Well we have several new pages going up this week, with exciting artists and news on their work.
We picked up some more work today working for a disabled lady (ramps, walling etc), have a multitude of work to price and go and look at.
The new site is in its final stages which is exciting and is looking to launch this week.
VW vwwhitenoise is coming up and is worth a look, not sure how I feel about dogs being allowed at the event though with it being such a family event.
There is an advertising campaign starting in "Homebase" soon which we are part of.
Looking at selling the 21 window samba at the end of the month and replacing the old ldv truck this year. Shame as its been such a great work horse and has paid for itself so many times.
Found out that the greenhouse we put together was panels for cold frames not an old greenhouse as the client had told us, naughty client!
The garden clearance payment came through with thanks.