Sunday, 3 July 2011

VW show, meeting the fry up blog man and some innovative landscaping idea

Its been a hard weekend laying in the sun, chatting about vw's, watching some great bands and generally not doing a lot. This is how weekends should be!
Some interesting things will be happening to the blog soon. links to "the fry up inspector" and the builders bum is coming too. Also updates on the vw, a totally unique roofing idea that I feel will take off by storm once its up and about, lots of the details of what we have been up to ourselves (which is well over due). The woodwork and window jobs are nearly completed and I am looking to slam them into the back of the net tomorrow! Then its off to the bank to put a smile on the account. For a first show "Dubs at the Hall" looks to of been a huge success and with no incidents that I saw or heard about, to which I reckon that's a huge feather in their cap. As usual the food and drink were over inflated price wise and the only gripe I will have is that on the Saturday afternoon they banned you having your own alcohol in the music area so you had to buy it from the traders. Which was £3.50 a pint and the selection was very limited! Should of been listed in the terms as I fear that the trader kicked a fuss up about the personal drink. The weekend was not supposed to be anything about building at all but with the new contact I made I will have some links and details coming shortly.
We are also going to look at another van next week and have hopefully found a gearbox for the mk1 caddy, so its all happy days.