Saturday, 27 August 2011

rotten felt and blown tiles

Here we have an old pan tile roof abutting up to a conservatory that had water getting in through rotten felt into the soffit and fascia area.With the bottom of the existing felt rotten and patched up by others over the years the owners thought the only alternative was to strip back the first three rows of tiles and install new felt! Not quite so! There usually is some product lurking in a corner in a builders merchant that's there to get you out of a tight fix. This product was a gutter tray which slides under the bottom of your felt and laps into the gutter. This then provides a plastic lip for the water that gets under the tiles through holes/gaps etc to run into the guttering and not the soffit and fascia areas. Its cheaper and quicker than replacing the felt also. Then the tiles were bedded on a solid row of cement to stop birds and rats from entering under the first row. The plastic anti bid guards are no no good at stopping rats. Then there was the task of changing tiles all over the roof which had been damaged by frost. The owners supplied the tiles which were a mixed bag and colours, most people think a tile is a tile and do not realise that there are so many different profiles available. All parties happy and a job well done.