Saturday, 27 August 2011

we dont lay eggs just bricks and slabs

We finished the curved wall ready for the patio and tops to go down/on. But after the first day the progress was halted by the weather. we bed our slabs on a compacted ground, which is then covered in sharp sand and finally the slabs go onto a solid base of mortar. No dot and dabbing or just on sand! This process helps prevent any movement over the years. It does take a little longer but the job is a more satisfactory one all round. The weather has a hand in the laying as the mortar needs to dry out naturally, too much sun and the moisture stops the slabs sticking and too wet and they sink. Because we joint up as we go we also cannot allow surface water to form as it washes the cement out of the joint allowing it to crumble. The jointing as we go helps the slabs to bond to the mortar underneath and between them thus forming a solid base. That's the idea!