Saturday, 27 August 2011

The week just gone, rain and campers

After a great start on Monday it seemed to be all down hill after that. rain on Tuesday, Thursday and Friday stopped play. The patio was started, the holes dug for the fencing and all the materials were on hand to finish the job. Just not the weather!
Though the vw camper did get back onto our rubbish roads which made the sun come out at S1, don't think any of us have stopped smiling yet. A few teething problems but its full air cooled away now.
Having completed odds and ends over the past few weeks of various description we are still taking in work at a steady rate. At the moment pricing for works on a church after helping complete the survey on it. Will be a very interesting one. Walls, windows, roofs, ramps, chimneys and a new maintenance contract for the team to get stuck into over the next coming months.
Oak flooring down, oak doors up and a custom cupboard made (check out the highlighted grain on the run of the mill pine)
If your looking for windows or doors check out the link on our blog! its a money saving chance.