Thursday, 1 September 2011

Advertising campaign start and news

Tomorrow sees the start of the new advertising campaign starting in kings lynn Homebase. Two years advertising at a very reasonable rate, take the leaflets and hand them around, a generous finders fee will be given to any works secured from a personal recommendation or leaflet hand out. What have you to lose? Just been going through the local details from the English castles along the Scottish border its like having a living history lesson and both myself and the children have experienced some excitable times that we never expected. Union bridge being one of them! Such a buzz jumping backwards and forwards across the English/Scottish border and then driving over a bridge that moves when you walk over it let alone drive over it. The bollards that allow you on and off the bridge are only just wide enough to let the golf on, so with a long way down into a big river it was better than any roller coaster. The countryside is outstanding here with long sandy beaches and buildings built from large sandstone blocks which i struggle to see how they were lifted by any bricky. Anyway back to the patio and fence on monday!