Monday, 31 October 2011

busy busy and busy update 2

Actually sat to update the blog and end up sorting through estimates. Funny old game the building trade one minute its lovely and calm, the next its blowing a storm and you end up spinning all over the place,
Feet securely on the floor at the moment as i have just finished 2 out of four estimates, filling in the details for companies house, shuffling paper and filling in the diary. Then arranging the camper to come off the road until next spring. I do love my air cooled van but its heater is rubbish so the watercooled is used over the winter.
The works truck is in its final mot year and off to scrap heaven when it runs out, i love the rusty old girl as she does what it says on the back, Like i always advise the clients "if its not broken, don't try and fix it".
With the local authority recommending us for the disabled ramp and the client extremely happy, us at S1 gave each other a pat on the back and then to top it of we all received a very generous bonus for the roof.
Finishing off a small fencing job, renovation of a window and chimney cap before we go onto rendering the end of a gable.
We have been approached by a government agency to price for some work for them which is exciting, another flint wall, a restoration project, a retaining wall/steps, gate posts, shed and shed base and restoration of an old cottage. phewwwwwwwwwwww!
which ones we get who knows?
well pictures are uploaded to Picasso ready for one of us to update the blog tomorrow or you!