Sunday, 27 November 2011

Rammys scaffolding - makes you feel safe as houses

Scaffolders are like all tradesman, its hard to find a good one that does what they say on the phone, but at long last after the last one we used not tightening the winch up at three floors so when the labourer pulled on the rope it fell off and could of easily killed him. then the company apologised and set us up with a supposedly great deal but forgot to inform us about the vat until the invoice and put so many joins in one corner it looked like a mechano set. So moving on we stumbled on rammys scaffolding , a great turn up for the books. after being there on time - well here is the reference i left for him to post on his site.

I am the site supervisor for “S1 Buildersltd” and having just been let down by a  scaffolder  prior to using  “Rammys” I was more than surprised to see what substandard scaffolding I had been using prior. Just the appearance of the scaffold stands out from the majority and combined with the excellent punctuality of the company I cannot fault them. The structure itself was solid, as I had requested and we all felt safe whilst rebuilding a chimney and doing the lead work.
All in all this company is a breath of fresh air and I will definitely use “Rammys” again in the future. I have no problems with recommending this company or talking to anyone over the telephone.

Yours sincerely
Stefan Nicholls (site supervisor for s1 Buildersltd) 

the job he did for us allowed us to take down and rebuild a chimney which was past its sell by date (blog update tomorrow)