Thursday, 17 November 2011

today ! and rememberance day!

Updates from the last few weeks! been all over the pace with works from re pointing/over pinning to rendering end gables. Looking at flint walls which we got asked to build leaning over then straighten up as we got level with the ground. build a wall on the slant then straighten it? I don't think so! Looking at work for next july/august which is a bit of a distance but that's what we are doing. Let down by scaffolders and then one that sticks to his word! Great tidy up of tools and actually got to clean the van! its white again. Priced for so much work that's its great, 2126 tonight and just finished doing an estimate but the apple vodka is screaming in the fridge to be drunk and as its a day off looking at more work tomorrow i fear i may succumb to its calls. Coming up we have some garden tips with an unwelcome guest and pictures of the works finished and working on.
One of the sunniest Sundays in November and people all over the country donned a red poppy and stood and clapped our troops at remembrance processions. Despite all the politics that surround our troops etc no one can take away the fact that how brave past and present troops are/have been. Anyway it was great to stand there with my children and live a moment with total strangers that i will cherish for ever.
Children in need! Please donate !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!