Tuesday, 8 November 2011

updates! estimate revoked!

Today was the first time we felt we had to revoke an estimate that we had supplied. The potential clients asked us to come in and price for a major renovation and after several site visits and emails we came to the conclusion that the client (who wanted to project manage) did not really have any concept of the logistics of how these projects go. The plans had no measurements, building control had not been on site to view the works, even though they had begun, the engineers report conflicted with building regs, the architects drawings were like a 5 year olds, no plate measurements, walls not in line, butting up against next doors walls with no allowance for their footings and the list goes on and on. So we could see a potential disaster on the horizon and decided that this one was not for us. A first!
We are in the middle of several jobs at the moment due to the weather and the discovery of defects.
Over pining an extension on a cottage, fencing, chimney cowl, window repairs to another and re rendering an end gable which it turns out to have a chimney stack thats on its last legs.
Priced for a variety of other works which look to keep us busy if we are successful.
Flat tyre on the van today slowed us down as someone had decided that the wheel brace was in a safer place if not kept in the back of the van!