Sunday, 23 December 2012

Happy new year norfolk from s1 builders ltd

Well all at S1 Builders ltd would like to wish you all a Happy Christmas and a life changing New Year!
Its been a roller coaster of battles with the weather this year and unfortunately we actually got beat, had to cancel work until next year which is never good and even worse started the holiday with jobs unfinished.
So the festive holidays are getting split up so we can finish the work for the clients Arghhhh! 
Lots of lessons learnt and new techniques achieved successfully with work coming in at a steady rate seems we are doing something right.
So thanks to all our old, present and future clients.
There are a massive amount of pictures and notes to post so look out for them over the hols!

Tuesday, 4 December 2012

S1 builders ltd iceni post

Heres the latest inclusion from S1 Builders ltd via "Iceni Post" great way to advertise inn the local community at a massive £20 per lifetime, yes lifetime!
Thats great value for money which no good business can say NO too, so contact them and get lsited.

Tuesday, 27 November 2012

s1 builders ltd norfolk. trustmark, fair trades and home pro members

Well its been a long wait to be accepted by the government endorsed companies with so many hoops to jump through and some on fire, or though it seemed.
But we did it and no thanks to the work team and our happy clients.
So you can take a look at what its all about at
Well its that time of year where the weather is winding up to its worst and winter woolies leave their resting place for the next 4 months and our work schedule gets blown outof the water on a regualr basis. Mind you it does look nice on the calendar planner, even better when a line goes through a name.
Its been hectic to say the least with the loss of the daylight there certainly are not enough hours in the day!
Fully booked until march/April next year and work is still coming in at a steady rate.
over the next few weeks i will post what's been happening and some pictures to make it all more pleasant to look at.

Wednesday, 17 October 2012

S1 builders on the Porch

s1 builders ltd norfolk and hard landscape S1 builders ltd porch roofs1 builders ltd norfolk and hard landscape S1 builders ltd porch roof front
s1 builders ltd norfolk and hard landscape S1 builders ltd porch roof rot

Day one:
 This porch has decided to throw a few holes in the wood so water gets in and allows the rot to slowly eat away the panelling. Seems like a real headache to have to remove the whole roof just to change the internal panelling most would think! But on removal of the felt you can see just what's going on and Mr rot is eating its way through the whole roof!
Total strip out of old rotten wood and the roof, fascia etc and sprayed with a good wood treatment, new boards installed and felted ready to tile.
Day two:
Then it rained !
s1 builders ltd norfolk and hard landscape S1 builders ltd porch roof rot 2

Monday, 27 August 2012

Shots of the S1 Builders van

Just as the summer draws to an end and the van goes up for the winter a few shots of it out in the sun seem to be appropriate:

Running a type 4 engine on twin 40 dellorta's, with a porsche cam, standard heads and barrels, 72 oil rad with fan and temp switch, quick shift gear stick, uprated oil pump, 8mm leads, flame thrower coil and pick ups, 009 dizzy etc. well fun to drive and the stainless exhaust makes heads turns and the need for the stereo to be up loud. Boys and their toys!

Sunday, 26 August 2012

Working for the government by S1 Builders ltd

Undertaking our first contract for the government was unexpected as they approached us from out of the blue. Decoration, new flooring and installation of a new porch to the lobby were among the list of jobs to be quoted for. The internal decoration was from red to blue gloss with walls and ceiling staying the same (magnolia and white) so not a major task you'd think. But as usual things dont flow the correct direction all the time. We had to attempt to cover all the working machinery which included computers, printers etc whilst personnel were working amongst the brushes and rollers. Having such a friendly relaxed environment to carry out the tasks made life so much simpler, the site manager "John" was cool as a cucumber and could not do enough to make the overall process run like a dream. Used Barry and his team for the flooring (Economy flooring) and Andrew and his team for the front porch (West Norfolk Glass). The project was a success and having been paid an email of approval stating we will be kept in mind for any future works that arise in the future. No internal pictures are available to be viewed.

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Tuesday, 24 July 2012

new bathroom

heres some before:

 and i suppose you want to see the finished product?
well the floor joists ran the opposite way to the norm, they were full of woodworm, holes and some lovely plumber put his pipes through the ends of the timbers. well all but half the end of the  125 x 50 joists to get his 15mm radiator pipes through. so when we took the floor boards up the whole thing sank and the ceiling split like a banana. there was over 50mm of play in the timbers and they were like the inside of a crunchie (just not as tasty). so we had to make a whole new floor up and re route pipes etc to take most of the sag out.
oh plus i fell through the floor, smashed the sink pedastol inside the bath underneath  and jammed between the joists like something out of indianna jones with the bath full of smashed porcelain directly underneath me.
lots of other niggly bits reared their heads but thats the joy of an old property. so without further ado here are the after pics:

Saturday, 14 July 2012

fish eyed van

well the van went to dubs at the hall amid the rain and mud, with the briefest moments of sunshine Al Glenton found the van and worked some magic. check out the websites and have a look at what they are all about. Despite the rain and mud the crew were well organised and there were lots of smiles. Some great VW's which I had never seen before which were not all new so had been kept well hidden.

Friday, 29 June 2012

new feedback for stairs

Replace staircase/banisters Carpentry & Joinery N We have been delighted with the job done by Stefan and his team. Our requirements were carefully discussed in advance and helpful suggestions were made. We were given a detailed quote for the work to be done, which we were happy to accept. The work was undertaken promptly. Whilst the work was in progress every care was taken to minimise the disruption caused. The carpenter was very friendly and explained what he was doing, going out of his way to offer further advice and help with the final finishing touches. We are now the proud owners of a lovely replacement set of banisters. We would be more than happy to use this firm for any future projects. Mrs. Renwick Yser - 29th Jun, 2012Positive see on Replace staircase/banisters

update june 2012

its busy with a capital B at the moment. Have my son newly left school working full time, the girlfriend coming in and cleaning for us, friends running their own businesses mucking in and contractors being employed for specialist jobs. Painting, porch and new flooring at the VOSA site. new bathroom in syderstone new roof, lead and guttering in syderstone. stairs and false doorways in tilney. various works at a guest house in kings lynn. caravan access steps being built out of brick. Great reviews for our work and work coming in thicker than my nans gravy. We have a new team member thats helping handling all of the above very well loaded up on the books we have: extractor fan and new bathroom lighting a staircase fencing garden revamp an extension large wall groundworks relaying a concrete roadway painting the outside of a house custom made cupboards and units laminate flooring a garage more garden works lead work to 2 valleys various brickwork jobs to tidy up a house thats it for this month. well keep an eye out for updates which do happen when i get time!!!!!

Tuesday, 26 June 2012

more feedback for s1 builders decorating a house

Rated People

Dear Stefan,

Congratulations - you've just got a fantastic rating!
You have been rated by Jo:
Comment: S1 did an excellent job.We were able to leave Stefan to get on with the job even though we were not living at the property and were not able to supervise.It was completed on time and to budget,which is a rarity these days.Stefan kept us posted with progress via emails and photos.Overall we were very pleased and would not hesitate to recommend.

Overall rating: 5.0 Stars

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Kind regards,

Rose de Silva
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new feedback for s1 builders

here is the latest feedback for a bathroom refit:

Recent Feedback

Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Non payers kitchen

Here is the fitted kitchen with the owners hand cleaning it. needs tiling but its all installed and working, wheres our money? In the post im told.

Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Period house gets makeover

This slightly large house got its face lift over 3 1/2 weeks with up to 6 people working on it at a time. Car body filler in the damaged windows and mad priests reporting us for putting road barriers up. Yes  its true after a driver clipped one of the ladders with a painter at work on the top windows we decided enough was enough.. temporarily blocked the road off and ended up with the council breathing down my neck. Lovely guy and very helpful! Let me know that a priest had made the complaint even though there are two more roads leading to the same point. Shocked? slightly as i was led to believe god would pat people on the back who are trying to get off their backsides and earn a living. But obviously his disciples don't agree with the working man. It was not the first time we came under the wrath of the religious foes, several times the vicious tongues gouged lumps out of us with torrents of abuse and quotes from some out of date manual. They would rather see us laying on the floor in a heap than wait or go round, thats bloody sad. when the barriers were up people still moved them and drove up the road to be stopped by a tipper truck blocking the one way street whilst being loaded by us with rubbish.
Still the works were completed and the client was more than happy, we got paid lol.
us blocking the road and still they manage to hit the ladders
during the great clean up

red gloss arghhhhh
instant wood in a tin

the rubbish from the garden

Monday, 28 May 2012


Dug out by hand in the rain due to the local college not allowing us access, well it never stopped raining throughout this job. Rain at the start and rain at the finish ! we even floated the concrete up under a tarpaulin to finsh the ground works. had to go back to pump the water out even though we installed a drain as the water table was soooooooooooo high it never drained away.
Due to the clients being a care home we decided to stick at it so the trampoline could be used.

All parties happy!