Monday, 2 January 2012

thanks you from us at s1 builders norfolk

Congratulations to all of you that reached 2012 through the last year of hardship, unfortunately its not all over yet and tougher times are said to come yet.Woe and yet more woe? Lets all half fill our glasses and raise them at the coming year with a smile together as united we can all pull through this difficult time. How and why? Well we all need a hand to hold every now and then and if you dont have a hand to squeeze when it feels like all is lost then come and read the dribble thats mostly written on here. Positive thought evokes positive attitudes which in turn create positive happenings! Its true! when its good its good and when its bad its bad! why? because everyone loves to be happy (apart from the odd miserable git, who we are not interested in , well unless its the partner then its time for you to get a new one) so focus on the good things in life and there are plenty. Yes its tough with prices as they are but as a country we have pulled through wars and landed out the other side OK. So cut your cloth to the size that fits your table and keep to it. Smile more! laugh lots! love more (thats not an excuse to go out and sleep about) and if you cannot say anything nice then keep quiet.
We all have our problems some worse than others but we truly wish you all the best for the coming months.
Here is just a "Thank you " to all of you out there for supporting us and we will be around for some time to come yet.
Happy New Year!!!!!!!!!!!!!