Monday, 20 February 2012

so you still pay the whole amount and the cancelllation fee!

Refund Request
Hi voidcrystal,

This email has been sent to you upon your request for a refund and/or cancellation of subscription from

The details contained here outlines the charges incurred, their corresponding refunds and any cancellation fee or other fees that may apply. This information has been relayed to you by our Customer Support Agents and reflects the figures discussed.

Please examine the information below:

Transaction Date2012-02-20 22:04 Item NameRefund Amount Recurring Charge£ 59.99
Charge NameCharge Amount Cancellation Fee(£ 28.00)
Total Refundable Amount£ 31.99
According to our Terms and Conditions, a cancellation fee of £ 28.00 shall be charged as penalty for breaking the 3 month binding contract for subscriptions.

Continuing with this verification process will fulfill the transaction for you.

Please click on the link below to confirm the refund and/or cancellation request.

If you have questions regarding this transaction or any other transaction, please contact us through:

PHONE: +44-1138680224

The support team is at your service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Once again, thank you very much!

Best Regards,

ziinga update 1

Very sneaky and clever site if you own it and are banking the money!
banks seem to be stuck at not being able to refund your money as you clicked the agree button. but read the terms and contracts and if you do your a fool!!!!!!!!!!!! hidden charges pop up on your account and crazy requests for proof of who you are turn up. There seems to be a flaw that you join the club for a lovely fee (read your small print, its supposed to be there somewhere) "NO postage" if your a member but you pay postage for what you win. Then they have your details wham bang thank you all the way to the bank.
call them on the phone and its a really bad line, you get put on hold, live chat is below and emails get logged and replied to but if you click the link to cancel its another £28 for the privilege. No guarantee your going to get your goods or a refund but good old Ziinga gets some more money!

Please wait for a site operator to respond.
You are now chatting with 'Christian'
Christian: Welcome to Ziinga! How can I help you?
voidcrystal: hello please can you send me details of how to obtain a refund
Christian: I'd be more than happy to assist you with your concern.
voidcrystal: i cannot receive my goods as your terms asking for copies of passports and credit cards are obscure
Christian: Let me go ahead and check that one for you.
Christian: May I have your username?
voidcrystal: voidcrystal
Christian: Thank you for that information.
Christian: Let me go ahead and check that one for you.
Christian: May I put you on hold for a minute or two (2) while I check the information?
voidcrystal: i would rather you did not put me on hold as i have just been on hold on the phon e
Christian: Sorry for that.
Christian: \just give me one moment while I'm checking your acct
Christian: Thank you for waiting.
Christian: Upon checking you have won Senseo coffee maker.
voidcrystal: yes and paid postage for it
Christian: Due to Ziinga's one gift per household policy, users need to confirm their identity by sending the following documents as proof
Christian: The status of the won auction is still asking for documents.
voidcrystal: but to obtain it you have asked for proff of who i am which is out landish and why is it not listed that you require proof of credit card photo of passport etc
Christian: Scanned copy of Credit Card (front and back)
Christian: Scanned copy of valid ID (passport or driver's license)
Christian: Scanned copy of signed credit card form. Download and fill up the form from this link:
Christian: All required documents have to be submitted to
voidcrystal: only a fool would send this amount of information over the internet
Christian: If you want you can cover the numbers of the card just leave the last 4 digits and you can also cover the cvv number just leave the signature.
Christian: As long as the signature is the same for the signature from your valid ID's.
voidcrystal: all i wish to do is get a refund for the membership 59.99 x 2 and the other costs you have taken as i have read reports on the internet from people who have done so and not received anything still
voidcrystal: you then have great details of a person to clone their records
voidcrystal: i shop online and have never been asked these requiremetns before and my bank states this this is unorthodox
Christian: We understand your concern.
voidcrystal: please just refund my money
Christian: All the details about the membership, its benefits and charges, are shown on the Payment page and in your receipt. More information are included in the Terms & Conditions, FAQs and How To page. How the website works and complete policies are made available and are clearly provided to our users. We encourage our customers to read all necessary information before completing any transaction. Furthermore, an e-mail receipt is sent to our customers upon purchase as a reminder about the membership charges and the 7-day free period. There is no intention to deceive as all necessary information is communicated to our customers.
Christian: I understand your concern. just give me a few minutes to process your request.
voidcrystal: i would still like a refund
voidcrystal: this would then prove that the people on the web are not telling the truth about your site and allow me to update my blogs and show this
Christian: I respect your decision.
voidcrystal: i appreciate your time and would like to be wrong and write good points about your company
Christian: Please be inform cancellation of the membership will void the purchase item.
voidcrystal: thats fine
Christian: And cancelling the membership has cancellation fee of £ 28.00.
voidcrystal: what about the refunds i have asked for?
Christian: As requested, I have sent a Refund Validation Email to your email address. Once you have agreed to the conditions, please click the link provided. This will process will ensure you will not be charged further.
Christian: And a refund will take within 30days.
voidcrystal: the email address is
Christian: yes.
voidcrystal: thank you
voidcrystal: i will post this onto the blogs, twitter and facebook so people can follow and see how it goes
Christian: Just to inform you, All Platinum memberships come with a 3-month binding contract. Customers who breach the 3-month binding contract will be charged a cancellation fee of £ 28.00. Note that cancellation of the contract will void any free promotional gift offer.
voidcrystal: i have read this and it also states with the membership postage is free but i paid postage for the coffee maker? also i never wished to be a member as this has put my finances into turmoil
Christian: No worries, I already process that request, Kindly check your email and confirm the link so that will stop the membership and it will refund the money within 30 days.
voidcrystal: i will no now thank you
Christian: No problem.
Christian: Is there anything else that I can assist you with?
voidcrystal: where is the refund form please as i cancelled the membership and it just went to the homepage and said that the process had started for cancellation
voidcrystal: 2113
Christian: Yes, with regards of refund form we can only send you the link or validation email.
voidcrystal: but i clicked it and it cancelled my membership but nothing else happens?
voidcrystal: 2117
Christian: It means you already confirm give me one moment if can see that stay on the line.
voidcrystal: 2119
Christian: Thank you for waiting. I already check that and you confirm tha validation link with regards of cancelling your membership.
Christian: Please accept the cancellation fee so it will stop the whole membership and it will process your refund.
voidcrystal: so what happens about the refunds now? as i have done as you asked and clicked the links but nothing is mentioned about refunds?2126
Christian: Because it in the process and forwarded to our billing department.
Christian: An again it will refund the amount within in 30days.
voidcrystal: ok thanks you can follow the blogs etc at

ziinga are these for real?

Messing about on the internet the other week and ended up a site and won a coffee maker, woop woop, like i really needed one as dont drink coffee (well that often). So all happy and convinced i was a "WINNER" bought some credit and whiled away half an hour not wining again, thats a surprise you all say.
This lovely site ziinga then sends me an email stating i have won a portable dvd player so i fill in the forms and pay the £2 for it and low and behold actually look at what i am doing after committing the cardinal sin of parting with my details?????
Seems as it all seems too good to be true i contacted them asking where my free gifts were, this is the response.

Thank you for contacting Ziinga.
If you wish to receive your won item, you need to send required documents and you need to make sure to keep your membership active. We require a copy of supporting documents in order for us to verify that you are the owner of the Won product and the card holder. And since we have a one gift per household policy, you must confirm your identity by sending the following documents as proof:
- Scanned copy of Credit Card (front and back)
- Scanned copy of valid ID (passport or driver’s license)
- Scanned copy of signed credit card form. Download and fill up the form from this link:
We also suggest that upon sending a copy of your Credit Card, you may want to cover the credit card number and leave the last 4
digits so we can identify the information. You can also cover the CVV code on the copy of your bank card.

Please send all the required documents to Rest assured that we maintain highest level of confidentiality to copies of documents we receive. As soon as your documents are approved, your package should arrive at your shipping address within 2 to 4 weeks.

Should you have further inquiries, please do not hesitate to reply.

Ziinga Customer Support

Lets get this right people, i have never parted with so much info let alone for a coffee maker and a portable dvd player. I could open a bank account with this much info. So who can prove me wrong and prove thats its not a con and as soon as i give over my personal details i wont end up wiped out?

Friday, 17 February 2012

one in the eye for the energy companies?

With "Which" being behind a massive venture to obtain household energy at cheaper prices what could be better? Well here is the link to jump aboard and make a difference!
Its easy to sit back and complain, now turn that complaint into an action!
The topic was on radio two today and was interesting whilst making sense.

Tuesday, 14 February 2012

shiply ?? maybe not so!

this is the story of a courier company that puts you together with couriers on their books and they bid against each other for your business. then you pay them a finders fee for using their service and site.
so sounds good? so i used shiply and one of their couriers took my money for four furniture collections, shiply took the money for the four collections. the courier collected two, then says he has broken down (a week has passed) shiply have been contacted several times and to date have been absolutely useless! this is their reply, which basically states that its tough luck and there is nothing they can do (more like want to do). who vets these so called couriers? then lets them take our money and then we dont have anything we can do. here is their reply, its long but worth a read. i dont have any address etc apart from what i can get off the site, shiply wont give you anything else.

Thank you for your email.

I am sorry to hear of the poor service you have received from your chosen transport provider.

We act purely as a neutral venue through which users and transport providers can meet and enter into their own agreements.  We are not involved in any of the actual transactions which take place and so are unable to get involved in any disputes or issues which may arise as a result of the contracts you choose to enter into with.

We are however, very happy to assist you with communicating with your chosen transport provider.  Contact details are below and I have also sent them a message requesting they get in touch with you ASAP with a view to resolving the issues.

43 Northdene Road

Monday, 13 February 2012

wow busy day !!!

S1 builders of Norfolk looked at a total refit in Peterborough today and its a big job! Lots to finish off so it can be rented out. Great location with a 1 minute walk from the city centre.
Then it was shuffling paperwork over dinner for S1 builders so Nigel and i could work out a plan of action for the next few weeks. Well the paper is still in a muddle but makes sense, somehow. Best prices for timber and panels to date we have found to date is "Timber services" of Kings Lynn.
Its been really busy on the website and the telephone lately with the following to price up and send out this week. One refit, 1 top to bottom decorating/laminate floors/upstairs bathroom/downstairs loo, one fence, one concrete pad, major works to a cloakroom, fencing/bathroom/garden, large concrete pad, very large brick wall/massive car park to tarmac phew,
So must  get on

Wednesday, 1 February 2012

update for jan2012

What a year so far! still half glass full and it seems to be getter fuller.

Working along side "the Perfect fit" seems to be going from strength to strength with every client so far more than happy with everything undertaken. 

To date we have made custom fit wardrobes, painted a bedroom, made a bespoke tele unit, fitted a new garage door and electric opener, fitted out a utility room, finished off draft proofing to doors, rebuilt bay window sills, fixed the leaking roofs, fitted two lots of fencing, few days of handy man activity, wallpapering, priced up loads of work and welded up the trusty truck.
thats jan out of the way with feb booked up with re pointing an end gable of a big house in lime, re roofing, fitting a velux window, mending sash windows and insulating the roof of a studio, complete new bathroom re fit, rendering to an internal wall thats damp, rendering a wall next to road to stop the water entering the house and if there is time making a beach hut!

the update on the mk1 golf roof can be read at  mk1 golf roof ,auto glym have basically failed to supply details of the ingredients and said take us to court if you dare. So be warned !

full details of the works completed and pictures to follow