Tuesday, 14 February 2012

shiply ?? maybe not so!

this is the story of a courier company that puts you together with couriers on their books and they bid against each other for your business. then you pay them a finders fee for using their service and site.
so sounds good? so i used shiply and one of their couriers took my money for four furniture collections, shiply took the money for the four collections. the courier collected two, then says he has broken down (a week has passed) shiply have been contacted several times and to date have been absolutely useless! this is their reply, which basically states that its tough luck and there is nothing they can do (more like want to do). who vets these so called couriers? then lets them take our money and then we dont have anything we can do. here is their reply, its long but worth a read. i dont have any address etc apart from what i can get off the site, shiply wont give you anything else.

Thank you for your email.

I am sorry to hear of the poor service you have received from your chosen transport provider.

We act purely as a neutral venue through which users and transport providers can meet and enter into their own agreements.  We are not involved in any of the actual transactions which take place and so are unable to get involved in any disputes or issues which may arise as a result of the contracts you choose to enter into with.

We are however, very happy to assist you with communicating with your chosen transport provider.  Contact details are below and I have also sent them a message requesting they get in touch with you ASAP with a view to resolving the issues.

43 Northdene Road