Wednesday, 1 February 2012

update for jan2012

What a year so far! still half glass full and it seems to be getter fuller.

Working along side "the Perfect fit" seems to be going from strength to strength with every client so far more than happy with everything undertaken. 

To date we have made custom fit wardrobes, painted a bedroom, made a bespoke tele unit, fitted a new garage door and electric opener, fitted out a utility room, finished off draft proofing to doors, rebuilt bay window sills, fixed the leaking roofs, fitted two lots of fencing, few days of handy man activity, wallpapering, priced up loads of work and welded up the trusty truck.
thats jan out of the way with feb booked up with re pointing an end gable of a big house in lime, re roofing, fitting a velux window, mending sash windows and insulating the roof of a studio, complete new bathroom re fit, rendering to an internal wall thats damp, rendering a wall next to road to stop the water entering the house and if there is time making a beach hut!

the update on the mk1 golf roof can be read at  mk1 golf roof ,auto glym have basically failed to supply details of the ingredients and said take us to court if you dare. So be warned !

full details of the works completed and pictures to follow