Monday, 13 February 2012

wow busy day !!!

S1 builders of Norfolk looked at a total refit in Peterborough today and its a big job! Lots to finish off so it can be rented out. Great location with a 1 minute walk from the city centre.
Then it was shuffling paperwork over dinner for S1 builders so Nigel and i could work out a plan of action for the next few weeks. Well the paper is still in a muddle but makes sense, somehow. Best prices for timber and panels to date we have found to date is "Timber services" of Kings Lynn.
Its been really busy on the website and the telephone lately with the following to price up and send out this week. One refit, 1 top to bottom decorating/laminate floors/upstairs bathroom/downstairs loo, one fence, one concrete pad, major works to a cloakroom, fencing/bathroom/garden, large concrete pad, very large brick wall/massive car park to tarmac phew,
So must  get on