Monday, 20 February 2012

ziinga are these for real?

Messing about on the internet the other week and ended up a site and won a coffee maker, woop woop, like i really needed one as dont drink coffee (well that often). So all happy and convinced i was a "WINNER" bought some credit and whiled away half an hour not wining again, thats a surprise you all say.
This lovely site ziinga then sends me an email stating i have won a portable dvd player so i fill in the forms and pay the £2 for it and low and behold actually look at what i am doing after committing the cardinal sin of parting with my details?????
Seems as it all seems too good to be true i contacted them asking where my free gifts were, this is the response.

Thank you for contacting Ziinga.
If you wish to receive your won item, you need to send required documents and you need to make sure to keep your membership active. We require a copy of supporting documents in order for us to verify that you are the owner of the Won product and the card holder. And since we have a one gift per household policy, you must confirm your identity by sending the following documents as proof:
- Scanned copy of Credit Card (front and back)
- Scanned copy of valid ID (passport or driver’s license)
- Scanned copy of signed credit card form. Download and fill up the form from this link:
We also suggest that upon sending a copy of your Credit Card, you may want to cover the credit card number and leave the last 4
digits so we can identify the information. You can also cover the CVV code on the copy of your bank card.

Please send all the required documents to Rest assured that we maintain highest level of confidentiality to copies of documents we receive. As soon as your documents are approved, your package should arrive at your shipping address within 2 to 4 weeks.

Should you have further inquiries, please do not hesitate to reply.

Ziinga Customer Support

Lets get this right people, i have never parted with so much info let alone for a coffee maker and a portable dvd player. I could open a bank account with this much info. So who can prove me wrong and prove thats its not a con and as soon as i give over my personal details i wont end up wiped out?