Wednesday, 28 March 2012

garden make over

simple little job of digging out three lanes to be shingled, taking old fence posts out which had been installed two years previous but snapped in the high winds, new upvc back door, clean out guttering, repair guttering and install new fencing. See a little job, oh and install a new liner and shingle.
heres the pictures to show the finished job, was great for me as just across the playing field.

heres the after

the before

and the door

Saturday, 24 March 2012

wow so busy

its been so busy at work and then doing paperwork there has been no spare time to update the blog. shame as i have loads of new jobs to post on here yet no time to do it. with the addition of "the perfect fit" the quality of the finishing touches has risen. two reliable tradesmen on the job allowing the client to obtain a higher quality end result. we have also been lucky enough to go with our gut instincts when looking at new works and if it does not feel right then not deliver an estimate for them.
we have also had to take on self employed labour at times to help out. all being due to the new marketing strategy i employed the beginning of the year which has now paid off. the seminar with doug out of the dragons den was well worth giving it a look if you can.
now the spring is upon us its time to blow the dust off the camper and put it on the road t minus 7 days then onto the rolling road woop woop.
well its saturday and its sunny so time to leave you and get on with life! updates in the wind.

Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Latest Bathroom refit

New feedback left on MY BUILDER

Monday, 5 March 2012

Hard Landscaping at S1 builders ltd norfolk

Here is a link to a description of what "Hard Landscaping" actually means and lays it out in simple terms.
Not easy for some people to grasp when its on the side of a van or in an advert so after a recommendation from a client i have gone ahead and listed it for all to read.