Monday, 2 April 2012

it will only take a minute! by big builders bum

next time i hear the saying "it will only take you a minute" i might just drop my trousers and show them what i really think!
agreed to a job to help someone out and low and behold it has stressed us both out and left me wanting to bang my head against the wall as i know there is NO such thing as "it will only take a minute". what that actually means is can you do a quick little job to make this look better but i dont want to spend alot and im in a hurry please can you help me.
being mister i like to help anyone i fall deeply into the sea of rubbish and allow the only a minute job to turn into a " i wish i had said NO". repairing fascia board where starlings are nesting, simple little job i thought. pulled the dodgy looking board off and look what we have here, woodworm, rot, enough nesting material for a small elephant let alone a starling family, previous workmanship which was conducted in the dark with no candles oooooooooooooooooooh stop it. so filler, nails and lots of bubblegum later, we coated the precarious looking fascia with a coat of cover up all sins paint (its not really called that or actually available).
it was a job done on a shoe string but the string ended up being cotton and the bath panel and toilet seat from a local DIY shop were just as bad. never have i cut a bath panel with a pair of scissors or had one tear like paper. rubbish! is too kind for them!
so today was not the easy little day as planned for this cold ridden builder.
lets hope the glass mosaic tiles are ok for the client what nigel was enjoying himself working with.
cold 1 builder 0