Sunday, 29 April 2012

new staff to help cope

well its been so busy we have had to take on more staff and stop looking at anymore work, unheard of ever before i am to say but its true! surely this is a good sign for the building trade?the economy? it certainly is for moral!
we actually just got sent a works pad and pen with calling cards from one of our avenues of work. very posh.
working on a massive house we spent a year working on 2 years ago, painting all the windows and doors, guttering, flat roof to repair/ceiling to repair, garden clearance, excess household goods to move, rendering and so much more. the project sees 7 of us working there at times.
kitchen to fit next week and some tiling- we tiled the kitchen floor and bathroom, plus did various small works. outside tap has to fit into the schedule somewhere.
minor garden works- moving a shed/installation of a base, cat flap, childs swing concreted down and more.
major works at a government establishment.
small bathroom refit
making a custom door, taking down an internal wall, rendering, full rip out and re fit of a bathroom.
lounge to paint.
roof to strip and then apply new felt and batons/lead etc oh and fancy guttering in galvanised steel.
pond and feature to a garden along with 20 fence panels.
we have just fitted a trampoline-details to come-installed a shed base-moved a shed and electrics-installed ridge tiles-bathroom and fascia works-painted window sills- -patio to caravan-plus more to upload when there is time.
patio to the side of a caravan in heacham
new stair case to fit
brick and slab stairs to a caravan and alterations to fencing
stairs and floor renovation to a cottage
phew and there is more!