Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Period house gets makeover

This slightly large house got its face lift over 3 1/2 weeks with up to 6 people working on it at a time. Car body filler in the damaged windows and mad priests reporting us for putting road barriers up. Yes  its true after a driver clipped one of the ladders with a painter at work on the top windows we decided enough was enough.. temporarily blocked the road off and ended up with the council breathing down my neck. Lovely guy and very helpful! Let me know that a priest had made the complaint even though there are two more roads leading to the same point. Shocked? slightly as i was led to believe god would pat people on the back who are trying to get off their backsides and earn a living. But obviously his disciples don't agree with the working man. It was not the first time we came under the wrath of the religious foes, several times the vicious tongues gouged lumps out of us with torrents of abuse and quotes from some out of date manual. They would rather see us laying on the floor in a heap than wait or go round, thats bloody sad. when the barriers were up people still moved them and drove up the road to be stopped by a tipper truck blocking the one way street whilst being loaded by us with rubbish.
Still the works were completed and the client was more than happy, we got paid lol.
us blocking the road and still they manage to hit the ladders
during the great clean up

red gloss arghhhhh
instant wood in a tin

the rubbish from the garden