Sunday, 27 May 2012

whats happening!

Well we got the money for the kitchen but not the labour cost so off to Court we go, papers all in and lodged for a response.
Just finished loads of jobs where we had to draft up to 6 extra hands in to move the jobs along. Reviews came in and are great!
caught up with the work load and after spending the last two weeks working 12-16 hours a day able to kick back and spend next week surfing into the weekend with a smile and contentment with four days off.
camper runs better than it has for years but has to still be tweaked to rid it of the awful flat spot where the two carbs need balancing correctly.
The sun is out and making working inside a nightmare! fully booked into august and thats FULLY booked.
watch the coming week for pictures of the works we have completed as i will have time to update the blog