Tuesday, 24 July 2012

new bathroom

heres some before:

 and i suppose you want to see the finished product?
well the floor joists ran the opposite way to the norm, they were full of woodworm, holes and some lovely plumber put his pipes through the ends of the timbers. well all but half the end of the  125 x 50 joists to get his 15mm radiator pipes through. so when we took the floor boards up the whole thing sank and the ceiling split like a banana. there was over 50mm of play in the timbers and they were like the inside of a crunchie (just not as tasty). so we had to make a whole new floor up and re route pipes etc to take most of the sag out.
oh plus i fell through the floor, smashed the sink pedastol inside the bath underneath  and jammed between the joists like something out of indianna jones with the bath full of smashed porcelain directly underneath me.
lots of other niggly bits reared their heads but thats the joy of an old property. so without further ado here are the after pics:

Saturday, 14 July 2012

fish eyed van

well the van went to dubs at the hall amid the rain and mud, with the briefest moments of sunshine Al Glenton found the van and worked some magic. check out the websites and have a look at what they are all about. Despite the rain and mud the crew were well organised and there were lots of smiles. Some great VW's which I had never seen before which were not all new so had been kept well hidden.