Tuesday, 27 November 2012

s1 builders ltd norfolk. trustmark, fair trades and home pro members

Well its been a long wait to be accepted by the government endorsed companies with so many hoops to jump through and some on fire, or though it seemed.
But we did it and no thanks to the work team and our happy clients.
So you can take a look at what its all about at http://www.fairtrades.co.uk/S1BUILDERSLTD.
Well its that time of year where the weather is winding up to its worst and winter woolies leave their resting place for the next 4 months and our work schedule gets blown outof the water on a regualr basis. Mind you it does look nice on the calendar planner, even better when a line goes through a name.
Its been hectic to say the least with the loss of the daylight there certainly are not enough hours in the day!
Fully booked until march/April next year and work is still coming in at a steady rate.
over the next few weeks i will post what's been happening and some pictures to make it all more pleasant to look at.