Sunday, 12 May 2013

Something to remember about handbrakes:

  1. they usually only do the rear brakes
  2. maybe not the best thing to only use on any incline/decline
  3. make sure it works properly
etc. etc. etc.
But what i have found is that if you like to drive fast and hard on the brakes that the discs and pads get very hot, thus swelling with the heat.
So when you park up on an incline outside your house, like you do every day of the week, to not just put your hand brake on. Leave in gear, turn the steering so the vehicle roles towards the curb etc. you get my drift!
So on this particular day when i did not do some of the above, the discs and pads cooled off, the car rolled backwards down the hill into the path of an oncoming lorry. Crash bang wallop saw the daily run around reduced to a crushed up mess. LUCKILY!!!!! NO ONE was hurt.
So when i received the call at work my car had hit someone i thought it was a prank but the pictures show different. The Insurance company are investigating the claim, there are pictures of the car being locked in the middle of the road with the hand brake on and spooky stories flying round my village of a builders vw golf driving itself. The crazy thing is two of my neighbours told me that they put their hands up to me as they saw the car roll away from my house, shows that no one takes any notice of me.

Just a little food for thought.............