Thursday, 19 December 2013

Cheers for another s1 builders ltd norfolk proper job!!

Its always great to receive praise and so we have yet again from a repeat client, who incidentally we are starting the new year off with. even offering us christmas cheer!!!
Having started off with the conservatory base (top to go on this week), then asked to do a car port, then the wall leaving a doorway to put in the house wall, a window upstairs, leadwork to the roof, a base and dwarf wall to the car port for glazing to go in and a long list of other extras.


Wall looks great, another S1 proper job.

Is there any chance you could bring a bit of gravel over on Thursday just enough to make a path from the car park to the new gravel so we're not dragging sand and mud in over the christmas period, if so that would be great.

Also it's a shame we didnt know the Dans wouldn't be here today as they have worked so well we were going to get them some beer for the holiday, find out what they like (lager or proper beer?) and yourself and I'll sort something to give to you on Thursday!

Let me know what time you'll be around so I can be there on time.

Cheers and regards,