Monday, 12 January 2015

Well after christmas and all that surfing through the never ending amount of bargains online, some people will find their pc's running a bit slow, pop ups popping up from out of the blue, websites in your history that you never visited etc. well a new problem is now "PUPS" not unwanted dogs after christmas but another pain ! "Potentially un wated programs" had a look through your program list lately? maybe a few that are not supposed to be there?
heres a free site that allows you to get rid of them! Yes apart from the "safe web" and a couple of other web associated creepy crawlies i did not know i had the "ADW" and "Junkaware" programs have now put my pc back to its youthful stage.

These are also in a well known web users magazine with a review showing how easy and effective they are to use.

better than Domestos "some would say"