Friday, 24 March 2017

Oh no please read if you buy online

Having bought the new Samsung s7 along with a screen protector that was scratch proof, shock proof earthquake proof rtf from a retailer. I was truly  gutted when I caught the screen and it popped, screen protector still intact! Phone no longer worked etc so I contacted the company no reply to emails, phone calls etc then the website crashes with lots of blogs filled with manic electrical goods owners wanting a refund. But magically the company folded said good bye with our cash lol. I paid with a visa card clever me I thought...
So I called the bank filed a complaint, sent the pictures, held on the line countless times, lost my temper endless times, made voodoo dolls (made that bit up) but you get the picture... not pleased. Then 6 months later the HSBC send me this later. So I called skrill and basically got told to do one and tough luck. 
So read the letter and be warned as there is no happy ending....

Yours sincerely
Stefan Nicholls