Saturday, 14 April 2018

the star is nearly completed by s1 builders ltd norfolk

After 3 long years of ups and downs caused by planners, an architect that stole money and messed the plans up for a year, the council, the public, environment agency, the weather, working with traditional methods, money and a lovely client that wants things right but changes her mind every two days we are almost there!

Luckily i have no hair or it would of fell out by now!

One of the biggest projects that we have worked on, but certainly the longest! Its been a roller coaster ride filled with highs and lows that have expanded our capability to deal with these types of restoration. Unfortunately the seller conned the client into believing it would only cost a set amount to restore who would not listen to my reasoning to leave well alone. But! anyway they bought it and here we are. Top off, floors and walls out, this building has almost been re built ! What a building it is too, the client has not spared any expense in the works and tried to replicate what it would have originally been like. so i have compiled a few shots of the latest and at the end will put the full photo album up from start to finish which will be several hundred photos.