Big Builders Bum

Are those “Find a Tradesman, Post a Job, write a review” websites any good ?

Before we find out let me be straight with you; I am part of the team who created one of these “Find a Reliable Tradesman” sites. So I have an inside view on precisely how they work. Well, at least how ours works !

The site I am part of is called Big Builders Bum (You have to love our sense of humour)! It’s run by real internet pros. People who know how to make a site work for the users in an honest and transparent way.

Personally I love review sites. They encourage only the best to sign up. And, make the great shine out ! This one is the fairest I have seen as only people who have employed tradesmen through the site can actually post a review on their work.
Anyone looking online for a professional tradesman can post their job on this site. They can even request that tradesmen call them back on the phone. Now that has to be a time and money saver. Don’t worry though; they have the ability to remove their telephone number at any time. And only tradesmen registered on the site can request it. The security is tight.
I also have to mention our customer care department. It really is second to none ! The support team answer emails within minutes, and carry on doing so well outside normal working hours.
So any benefit for the Tradesmen ?
Well apart from all the above, let see.
 It’s FREE for your first 3 months, no commissions and no hidden fees.
After that it’s just £10 per month + VAT.
What are you paying for? Professional and experienced search engine promotion campaigns created uniquely for each tradesman who signs up.
Oh, and you can cancel your membership at any time.
Interested ? Go and have a wee gander :